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Thank you for taking the time and showing interest in our website, as well as our company as a whole.   We think that if you or your firm has a need for leather or leather related hardware & accessories- this very easily could be your LAST internet search for a leather supplier.

Our facility located Northern California is ready to offer you world class service in all things LEATHER.   We currently offer over 3,000 leathers IN STOCK for shipping within 2 business days.   Our unbelievable diversity of product offerings allows us to serve a vast array of different types of businesses and industries.   The Hide House is well known in four important areas:

A)   Equestrian & Saddlery

B)   Motorcycle 

C)   Interior Design & Hospitality

D)   Garment & Apparel

Our leathers are also extensively used in the personal leather goods, handbag and footwear sectors.

Top name movie studios, costume departments, film, TV stars and famous musicians have all adorned Hide House leather.   In addition, we have beautiful hides for automotive, yachts and aircraft - all tanned and processed to specific performance characteristics. 

Call our friendly, knowledgeable staff for advice and input with regards to your needs.   We will make every effort necessary to ensure your experience with The Hide House is a positive one - in all areas!

Thank you for your business.  Browse through our site and be amazed at our offerings.   Feel free to post a comment on our blog or testimonial areas of the website - particularly if you have a neat project, product or experience regarding leather.   We look forward to serving you, our customer, who we consider to be the most important asset in our organization!!

Rob Deits, President/CEO

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PLEASE NOTE: We try our best to adjust the lighting to acquire the right color of each item. However, as with all digital photos, colors may vary from screen to screen.

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