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Here are some pics of my work spanning over 35 years.  Coby, Rob and the crew were the top pick for all of my leather needs over those years.  I used everything from goat to deer and elk to hair on cow hides.  Your boot lining leather was always used on the shafts of my boots your double bends on the soles. Your hides always ranked #1for tooling .  Your upholstery leather was always my pick for chaps and your double shoulders were my choice for holsters.

I am semi retired now and no longer do any leather work and would just like to thank my old friend Rob, for all of the great service over the past few decades.  My son Rocky should be calling you as he has started doing leather work recently.

Thanks again to one of the finest companies I have had the pleasure of doing business with.

Jeff Swansey
Mountain Home Leather LLC

I want to thank you for the top notch service you provide and for the fast shipping of the hides I order.

I realize I'm not a big time customer but I am one of those old farts who has been in the leather work business full time for almost 30 years, And I know we are a group who can be hard to deal with.

We have seen many changes in our industry over the last few years, And not many of them that we like.

Your company provides a very good service to those of us who don't like to have a lot of hides sitting around in storage, you are kind of like our personal warehouse, And I for one appreciate that.

Your prices are great, Your customer service is great And I thank you for that. 

You can show this to your "Boss" because they need to be aware of what a good job you do personally and what a good service their company is doing for small businesses like mine.


Thank You Again.

Jeff Swansey - Owner

Mountain Home Leather LLC

Springerville, Arizona

Jim Hosse‎
You guys make my life easier. 
From ordering to fast shipping to sales reps who actually know what they are selling to great leather for every job. Thanks guys!

I have found the last place I am going to buy leather from. 

My visit was all I had hoped for and then some. I had already known of your shop and had bought a few items from you so I knew high quality and quick service was the mantra in your shop. Last year I talked to Finn at the Leather Shop in Morro Bay, CA, and he mentioned he bought his tooling leather from you and the quality of his inventory removed any doubt about your shop. 

Prior to yesterday (our lucky Friday 13th) I had mainly bought tooling leather from Tandy. After many years of being away from my craft, last year I had just gotten back into leather working and was wondering about the leather lines you sell compared to them. I wanted to see for myself the quality and variety you have available. Along with your shop, I had looked at several others. While I am sure they offer good quality products they in no way compare to the Hide House. Quality, variety, stock on hand, quick reaction to requests, and the atmosphere of the shop are what is important to me. 

Your willingness to work with me in selecting just what I needed, and the depth of your knowledge is paramount. I only do commission work and it is all word of mouth so the quality of the leathers I need is at the top of the list. I know without a doubt that anything I ask you for will be the best you have because I saw evidence of that every where I looked. Your coworkers were all helpful in the extreme, one even climbed a step ladder to see about some stock I had asked about. 

As I have said, I have found the last leather shop I will be working with. Your products are going to make me successful and for that I thank you.


Oak Hill Leather

Just wanted to express my apreciation of the service and products you provide. We have local dealers here in Massachusetts but product, prices and selection do not compare to Hide House. Most important for my small shop is future availability, giving me the ability to introduce a new design knowing the leather will be available down the road. Also, your shipping rates are so reasonable that I no longer have to figure outrageous shipping costs as a serious part of my pricing, and you know what that means. Your packing is excellent and I have experienced no shipping damage.

Lastly, I have been 100% satisfied with every piece of leather I have received from you.

Thank you,

Walt with Oak Hill Leather




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